"Senua’s Song"

[Verse 1: Dan Bull]
Is it any surprise I feel listless?
When I see strange lights and hear whispers
The beings always seem to have something to discuss
And it's tough to predict if it'll be disgusting
Sometimes they point me the right way, it's a lifesaver
But too unreliable to be called my saviour
No one around me can hear them or see them
Or feel them all breathing, appearing to me, disappearing as easily
Here when I need them and here when I don't
A relief and a fear to me
Seeing the ghosts of deceased who were near to me
Leave for the coast, bringing grief and a tear with me
Seeking reprieve from the fury that's jeering me
But it seems that they're deemed to be here with me
Real as the me that I see in the mirror
Every minute, every week, every year 'til infinity

[Chorus: Karliene]
All that we see and hear and feel is real
As long as we believe it's real
'Til our walls come crumbling down
Everything is real!

[Verse 2: Dan Bull]
I don't know whether you might know this
But back then, we didn't do diagnosis
We were too blinded by our views to quite notice
The difference between demons and true psychosis
So, those most prone to it, you might know
Were left to float on their own through the gloom like Moses
Eschewed by those that should have stood by closest
To comply with the group who never knew my motive
Who knows what induced it, was it true mitosis?
Trauma? Eating funny mushrooms in too high doses?
Giving you mycosis?
Wish I knew why, floating in my supine boat
Roam alone but in two minds, rowing
Reciting the poems that I knew by rote
And now, the moonlight glow gives a new bright hope
I never lose my focus
'Til I've opened up my mind, showing you my opus
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