"Metro Exodus"

[Verse 1]
They said Moscow was a lost hope
And it was, so i've gone off the beaten track
To meet a crossroad

East of Vladivostok
Under foot there is frozen blood in the snow
The rubble and bones
Are covered in mud
Under soot and the smoke
Is enough to choke you up
As you wander alone

Through tunnels and holes
And burrows and roads
Just looking for somewhere to go
That could become an abode
Even just a gutter's a comfortable home

But there's not much of a hope
There's no government
No more Russia
The globe's become a Chernobyl
A troublesome glow falls
A crimson snowball
Brings the Crow's call
In a minute you'll know
What i'm bringing this bow for

Killing isn't noble
It's no sport
But when i show force
I'm a stone wall
I'm immobile
Then i go forth
Like a blowtorch
To the snow, scorched
'Til it's no more
My skin is the colour of cobalt
Because i'm just so cold
But i'm
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