"Not About Fortnite"

This song's not about Fortnite
It's about how it's not about Fortnite
No, it's not about Fortnite
It's about piggybacking on the back of Fortnite

[Verse 1]
Hi, you probably came here to see Fortnite
Well, I'm sorry guy for the surprise that you've been caught by
I just picked a trending topic to attach my name to (Dan Bull)
Not really bothered if you reckon that it's lame, dude
But now I've captured your attention
There are a couple of other subject matters I want to mention
But YouTube lately has become a real sh*t show
Let me explain in case you think that was a bit low
Our favourite creators aren't James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen
The trending page is empty advertising space they're selling
You can get a plugin now to see what's really trending
It's mainly stuff from Asia YouTube's suspending
Ooh look, where have you been hiding, PewDiePie?
Did YouTube remove you from the crew invited to the nightclub?
It's just a VIP club and each of us
Who've been putting blood, sweat and tears in are being shoved out!
'Cause YouTube are terrified of Netflix
So stretching out the watch time's the only way to get rich
Every year this site makes Google a loss
So they need to boost the views as much as humanly possible
I mean, if you were YouTube, would you give a toss
Whether well-performing videos were stupid or not? No!
It's not about quality, it's quantity
Disregarding what the people want to see, and we don't want TV (Cut the cable!)
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