"We Happy Few"

We only want you to be happy
We only want you to be happy
And if you refuse
We won't be held accountable
For what we do to you
Take your Joy!

[Verse 1]
Well, well, welcome to Wellington Wells
A tranquil town
Nestled gently in the fens and the fells
Folk flocked from afar
They were fairly compelled
By a desire to repel
Negative memories' spells
But nothing ever even happened, did it?
So, let me dispel the tittle tattle
It'll baffle, leave you empty, a shell
Clearly unwell but we've the medicine to better your health
There's nothing quite like a rest to replenish the cells
In the home of debonair gentlemen and delicate belles
Women are feminine, svelte
Donning an elegant blouse
While the men are in trousers of sumerian felt
Under double breasted blazers with the trendy lapels
But if you break the legislation, you'll be readily dealt
There's nothing quite like arrest to replenish the cells
So, don't expect to be held in a respectable house
Without respecting the house rules in which we excel
So, any petulant whelk, I detect collecting intel
Upon this excellent realm will get his rectum impaled
As a correction, expelled
And in the distance, the yells will be dismissed as a mouse
Squeaking by everyone else, nah
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