"Sacred Sword Princesses"

This is the story
Of how I ended up making this song

[Verse 1]
The other afternoon at about half past two
I got an inquiry from some company Nutaku
About a game they had, perhaps I'd like to rap for it
It's all straight forward, but there may be one small asterisk
Namely, it was aimed at adults and thus was vaguely explicit
But come on, that isn't really enough to dissuade me, is it?
Then I saw the trailer of this thing, looked like a risky click
Which made me turn it down but turned around just like a misty flip
Sitting, considering sticking my chip into the mystery dip
Then thinking, "heck, I need the content and it could be sick"
It could be funny, so I run them up and said, "yeah, kiss me quick"
And now I'm writing this while sipping whiskey, this is pretty slick
So if you'll allow us, then I'll use my vocal talents
To make this overwhelming adult game look so composed and balanced
Like the flows and raps I'm using to promote this gash
Who else could berate a game in exchange for loads of cash?

You are the wielder of the sacred sword
Saving buxom maidens from the taint of war
You are the wielder of the sacred sword
It's a serious game, we are not making porn (it's art)
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