Stretch and Bobbito Freestyle 1991 lyrics



It's the X, the X, the next to flex
I just wrecks wrecks, to me they're sex
Disrespect all that attempt to approach
School em like an old football coach
Rule em, cause I think they need the supervision
Strictly by a knockout, no need for a decision
Precision, precisely, I can flow nicely
Jealous buttercutters, often try to slice me
Dice me, but it doesn't work, I'm too cool
The type of brother you see playing pool
In a pool hall shooting pool balls where they go
Hat turnеd to the side cause yo I'm a pro
And yo, I know thеre's not another that's getting with
Spellbound master, knocking out cause I'm hitting with
Hard rhymes, giving hard times to the sweater
To mess around you gotta roll ten deep or better
Just let a another rapper talk about walkin up alone
I'ma teach em all about the skull and the bone
With the first, second, third, forth, fifth, sixth or seventh
I'm smokin em like skunk from one eleven
I'm not having it so back up softy
Max with Hoffa or Folgers, which ones a better coffee
Maybe it's brim, I'm better than him, Slim Jim
Off the top, bust a rhyme on a whim
Never running the flim flam, eating out a tincan
Like Tommy Hearns, they call me the Hitman
Assassin slashing like Jack the Ripper
Wanna talk into the mic let me pull down my zipper
Rip a retarded rapper's head off, cause I'm a let off
Found out who you was battling and tried to jet off
But I caught ya, shouldn't been in my area
I'm a murder you and p*ss on your grave when they bury ya
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