Get Money (Freestyle) lyrics



Check it out, y'all
Check it out, check it out, check it out, y’all
Check it out, check it out, check it out, y'all
Check it out, check it out, check it out

I'm a pretty n*gga, gonna raw dog in dirty b*tches
And if you get burnt, you givin’ that sh*t to 30 b*tches
You say you know a n*gga like me? Guess again, Pop
'Cause I might smile up in your face, but I ain't your friend, Pop
Jump out the 1500, like, "Run it"
n*ggas don't want it, did it, done it, when I'm blunted
However it went down, I made it happen, I made it scrappin'
I made it bustin', bustin', I made it cappin’
And lettin’ off wasn't nothin’ new to a n*gga
Somethin' to do to a n*gga
'Cause you'se a fool, n*gga
I know your type, you hype all up off that fakе sh*t
Can’t understand why your man would have to take sh*t
And stеal sh*t, and this is that real sh*t
n*ggas kill sh*t, peel sh*t
I hit you in your head, you won't feel sh*t
Rrr, let the dogs loose on a n*gga's ass
Find out if the n*gga's faster than a trigger blast
A f*ckin' snake in the truest form
Knowin' damn well that what I do is wrong, but still I do it strong
n*ggas is makin' movies, but I gots to stop production
I need to block the function and maybe I'll stop destructin'
'Cause Glocks are not for frontin', just let me get that, shorty
'Cause you don't need that, shorty
You don't know what to do with that, shorty
You might as gon' hit this 40 just before you hit the floor
Another 24, what you want, money? More?
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