Nasty C

"I’m Sorry"

Ever so often, the thought just, crosses
Maybe you casted this spell upon me, on me, on me
Cause every heart I’ve ever broken wants me, haunts me, taunts me
No peace in my sleep, I'm tossing, tossing, I’m sorry

[Verse 1]
Maybe I deserve it, 'cause I don’t pick up
Responsible for our hiccups
We lacking communication
'Cause I would rather talk to the liquor
I promised and then I switch up
I'm battling with anxiety
Struggling with my temper
It's like I only remember the times when you didn’t love me and not the reason behind
I see all your mistakes but to all of mine I am blind
I don’t even put effort in lying 'bout how I'm trying
I saw the end of us coming but I told myself I'd be fine
But I'm not
Ahh, I’m a universe way from it
I'm more bumping sad songs
Heartache, painful sh*t
I'm more type jealous, hating everyone's relationships
Yeah right, like a loyal woman really makes me sick, ughh!
Colour me bad, colour me monster
Colour me doom, whatever you choose
Colour me proper
Couldn’t exchange hearts as promised but I robbed ya
My guilty conscious must be the cause of the karma, oh
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