Nasty C

"Im Sorry(lost files)"

Im Sorry By Nasty C

Ever so often, the thought just crosses
Maybe you casted the spell up me
On me, on me
Cause every heart I’ve ever broken wants me
Haunts me, touches me
No peace in my sleep am tossing
Tossing, I’m sorry

Maybe I deserve it, cause I don’t pick up
Responsible for our hate
Cause we lacking communication
Cause I would rather talk to the liquor

I promised and then I switch up
Am battling with anxiety
Struggling with my temper
Its like I only remember
The times you didn’t love me
And not the reason behind

I see all your mistakes
But took em I ain't blind
I don’t even put effort in lying
’bout how I’m trying
I saw the end up was coming but
I told myself I will be fine
But I’m not
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