Nasty C

"Steve Harvey"

I feel like Pluto
On my Future sh*t
[?] on the track, boi

Grind so (Grind so)
Hard (Hard, hard)
I could saw trees (Yeah, yeah)
Autograph a check so much, I walk 'round with a sharpie (Woah, woah)
And I'm disrespectful bout my money I ain't sorry (Woah, woah)
You can tell I'm pimpin' pus*y, juice all on my car seats, yeah (Woah, woah)

The cash, I must stash
Steve Harvey (What?)
Smashin' n*ggas hoes and we ain't hidin' it from them, are we? (Woah, woah)
The cash (Cash), I must stash (Yeah)
Steve Harvey (What?)
Told that b*tch "I love her", I was lyin' and she caught me (Caught me)

The cash, I must stash (Stash)
Steve Harvey (Yeah)
Pass out at the office (Office)
Wake up smell the coffee (Coffee)
Count some cash and slap some ass like I'm Comethazine (Oh, woah, woah)
First I hit a lick and then I lick her bean (Woah, woah)
One hand out the window make these b*tches scream (Woah, woah)
Ivyson could show you sh*t you never seen (Woah, woah)
What she drink it's nothin', chase it with some lean
That depends on if she want that new Céline
My kush sponsored by Evergreen (Yeah)
When I'm in the Hills it's Beverly (Yeah)
She got a bush, treat her like the enemy
Tell her go West, Karate Kid (Yeah)
I push 'cause I been broke before
Seen both ends of the road before
Everybody wanna do bidness but you don't know how many times I heard "No" before
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