Nasty C

"Not The Same"

I came from the bottom, that was a long time ago (Time)
Look down from the top, I done reached all kinda goals (Yeah)
Couldn't take everybody with me, had to let some go (Let some)
For a long time it was dark, now they see my neck on glow

We've been through all kinda pain
Did it all in my mama name, yeah
Doin' this for my partna, man
I'd be dead without the fame, yeah
n*gga we not the same, yeah
Nah we not the same, yeah
n*gga we not the same, yeah
Nah we not the same, yeah

[Verse 1]
I've been goin' way too hard today
Sittin' back, sippin' on Chardonnay, okay
It be gettin' hard to say
The people that a n*gga lost on the way, okay
Watchin' them fall away, yeah
Out of my lawyer radar
Mindin' my own data
Tryna ignore the haters
Know you gotta be sick right now
I'm on top of my sh*t right now
Took me long as a b*tch, I know
I got it, they comin' up quick right now
I ain't worried 'bout rent right now
I'm the hottest sh*t in my town
And she try to take a pic right now
Told that b*tch, "It ain't it right now, dip right now"
Diamonds lookin' like p*ss right now (Ooh, ooh)
Way we be makin' that money, they think that I print mines out (Ooh, ooh)
Uh, b*tch callin' me by my government, she gettin' kicked right out (Ooh, ooh)
I brought the whips right out
Nowadays I don't get counted out
Workin' hard, I don't get time out
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