"Love Ooh Ooh Paradise"

You told me dreams come true
Yeah, yeah‚ yeah (x2)
We'll find out‚ baby tonight
If I get close to you

This may seem silly to you
Yeah‚ yeah, yeah (x2)
Still I sing my heart out to you
Sincerely, darling

When we talk‚ I go
Oh, oh, oh‚ oh, no!?
Its so embarrassing

Still my heart goes
La la la-di-da
Singing for you

My love for you is
(Boom, boom!)
Sheer paradise

My heart shines brightly
(Bang, bang)
Down on me
And down on you

I love you with all my heart
Yeah, yeah, yeah (x2)
If I can see you tonight
My dreams might come true

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