Jeremy Jordan

"Four Downs to the Ten-Yard Line"

[Brom, spoken]
What do yo mean you don't get how it's played? I mean just cause you're a homo doesn't mean you can't watch football. I mean, you're still a dude right?

[Ichabod, spoken]
I guess

[Brom, spoken]
I mean whoever said football is for beer-guzzling troglodytes and trailer parks? We scholars of the academe can enjoy it on a whole other level. Look
First you got your two teams
Tight knees bursting the seams
Of their uniform's design
Coin toss to begin it
Each one wants to win it
Each one thinking this is mine
Based on his own charter
Coach assigns a starter
Wound up like a tense turbine
Kickoff and we're going
Cheers and whistles blowing
Four downs to the ten-yard line
You follow?

[Ichabod, spoken]
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