Jim Jones


Juju on da beat
Jones uhh
Myles William
Drip is all water Factz the flow kinda personal
Theses b*tches they be dry hoe I can see the thirst in you
Thirsty maybach coppa told da dealer I want the curtains too
My car talk you make the wrong turn it might curse at you
Why been livin life sometimes like a scary movie I’m from jexson from out the windows you can hear the uzi boom boom boom them sirens start sounding like an alibi I started doing crime and useing b*tches like my lalabi I was dipping running from the cops wale we kept the bleekys on us in case we run into the oops there he go started wit a g pack getting humid off the top now catch me p*ssy drunk while a ni$$a off the yacht like
Splash splash splash splash
Splash splash splash
Young grey “verse”
I’m jumpin off the yacht like splash the lavish life styles come fast how long will it last I broke into the game no cash 200 digits on da dash smoking straight gas I walk in the club so don’t push me all theses b*tches straight pus*y real gushy see I’m nice wit the written retire from this game no witten the big dog no kitten Mike Myers in the kitchen I’m not missing respect gotti the guys a magician he turns rats into fishes in malicious straight vicious become a witness I put your name in my hitlist
Jim Jones “hook”
My day time is my night time you figure that out

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