Laps Around the Sun lyrics


Jim Jones

Fraud Department
How many laps can you make around the sun?
La Música de Harry Fraud, uh

[Verse: Jim Jones]
Forty four laps around the sun (Heavy)
Every night I pray to God to make more laps around the sun (Amen)
I'm grateful, never sold no crack around my son
Just to think I could've got caught doin' them traffickin' runs (Sheesh)
Went to Gabon, made a hundred during that Africa run (Facts)
They tell me smokin' this weed just might blacken my lungs (I need gas)
Real n*ggas gettin' killed for bein' Black where I'm from (Black Lives Matter)
We had the Taj Mahal tour back when crack was in jums (Facts), we was
We was young, goin' hard off the Hennessy (Drink up)
Rockin' 95s, but I'm just joggin' my memory (You heard that?)
Put so much work in I think that God made ten of me (Grr)
sh*t, they still blast for me, I got some godly tendencies
She had long legs, I mean a body like a centipede (Sexy)
Car like a hotel 'cause it got all the amenities, n*gga (Skrrt, skrrt)
We land and take off from a private airspace (Nyoom)
My muslim brother bought a mansion plus a private prayer space (As-salamu alaykum)
These n*ggas get locked, come home, then they get scared straight (Suckas)
I could surely tell you that a river's what tears make, but
All this water got me feelin' like I'm skinny dippin' (Woo)
I never 'lax, so they ain't gon' never catch Jimmy slippin' (We got it)
I got them dogs, so you know I would've been and sicced 'em (Grr)
But these lil' n*ggas make me feel like they never been a victim
Of circ*mstance, I think the streets probably hurt my chance
Of me gettin' any type of athletic scholarship (Ballin')
The reason being, well, they said that I was wild as sh*t
So I took a flyer on the strip with them vials to flip (Huh)
Now, it's not nothin' that I'm proud of (Uh-uh)
But this is somethin' that I'm proud to make it out of (I'm proud of that)
We are, we prayin' to the wrong gods (Right)
We prayin' to get these Mike Amiris and them foreign cars (Silly)
When we should be prayin' to repent
I be feelin' like a preacher when I'm playin' in a Bent', n*gga (Amen)
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