Young Maylay

"Grove street"

[verse 1]
Turn it dog
Bump the beat
G R O V E Street (2x)

I'm from Grove Street
Keep the green rag on me
Los Santos OG homie
I'm from Grove Street
Everybody know the name
And G R O V E is the game!

The G The R The O The V The E The S The T
Grove Street

[verse 2]
18.5 meters to 61 feet
f*ck a public Mickey Mouse and bust some ass
Grove Street
So they got the OG
From San Andreas yup GTA
You are now rollin' in the best party bus in your way
From the top to the bottom of the floor mane
My big interior decked up big motoring sound system
Tell it turn it up loud listen

(Chorus 2x)

[verse 3]
I'm a OG from Grove Street
Green rag on me
Jean set clean tags both sleeves
GSF - Grove Street Families
Ballas is the enemies
And no they can't stand me
Big Smoke, Ryder or my older brother Sweet
Had guns we were shooting off our shoulders in the streets
The police? Was Tenpenny and Pulaski
Harrass me
They really wanna get me and then catch me
High speed chasin'
Losin' the cops
They shooting at me from a barricade refusing to stop
3 or 4 stars?
Nothin' for a n*gga man
Got a stolen car and another one and get away
What I'm from is drug dealings and prostitution
Everyday, I'm on a mission with lots of shootin'
I'm a good guy but come from a bad place
It's all about the green
Like there's rag on my face

(Chorus 2x)

[verse 4]
I'm from Grove Street
With the police to come
And try to plan dope on the homies be run
With all the hot spots with the #1 rule
Don't run to the safehouse until it get cool
Dudes kickin' boxheads put yay on the stove
But CJ made them run away from the Grove
I had helicopters, hovermans
There's nothin' when you workin' with the government
All the b*tches in the hood lovin' it
I started in the bars
Sick of roastin' the ranks
Got a fresh haircut
Get some clothes and I'm straight
Hit the set bangin' hard
First enemy CJ C
Full of peace then he spray the car
Ballas, Police and Vagos shootin' at me
Bullet holes is in my clothes due to catch me
Another high speed right in yo' face
C.R.A.S.H. about to chase then put yo' life in a case

(Chorus 2x)

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