​nun to me lyrics



(Ayy yo, that's Nick), Yea!
Uh, yeah, n*gga I sip codeine in a, uh huh
b*tch I brought my Glock, brought my damn pole
b*tch I keep that 9, yeah uh
My n*gga riding with that K, yeah
My n*gga he go down, uh huh
n*gga yeah, I'm on Oxy', letting it spray, yeah, ayy
n*gga yeah, I'm on Oxy', let sh*t spray, yeah

Ayy, riding around with that magazine, yeah (With that magazine)
We got too much paper, that's why they mad at me, yeah (That's why they mad at me, uh huh)
I'm in the H, high rise, yeah living lavishly, yeah (Living lavishly)
His ho, she a freak, she eat in the back seat, yeah, uh (In the back seat)
Ayy, n*gga ridin' round with the Glocks out, yeah (Yeah, Glocks out)
n*gga ridin' round with the Glocks out while the cops out, yeah (While the cops out)
n*gga f*ck 12, yeah 'cause I know them opps out, yeah (Them opps out)
So we keep one whenever we pop out, yeah (Pop out)
Fell in love with codeine, mean so much to me, yeah (Mean so much to me)
I just f*cked this ho, that sh*t wasn't nun' to me, yeah (sh*t wasn't nun' to me)
I just blew like five racks, it wasn't nun' to me (That sh*t wasn't nun')
n*ggas, yeah, they stay hating, but they still under me, yeah (They still)
If a n*gga shoot this way, just know we shooting back, yeah (We shooting back)
The whole pint full of Tris, n*gga know I ran through that, yeah, huh (I ran through that)
[Put your investments on drank?], lil' n*gga I blew that (Uh huh)
No need for a vest, FN 5.7s rip through that, yeah, huh (Rip through that)
Cut a lil' ho off and we go f*ck on her friend, yeah (Her friend)
Oxy' and codeine wash away all of my sins, yeah (Yeah, huh, uh huh)
f*ck these rap n*ggas, boy don't call me no twin (Call me no twin)
And if it's for five racks then, aw boy, I'm going (I'm going, yeah)
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