Sanity lyrics



Ayo Ian

They not with the same n*ggas, they changed up
This ho way too bank, I [?] her Range truck
Brand new scope, on the drac'
It got range huh
f*cked that ho, off the 'gram
Don't know her name though
All these colors on these hundreds
sh*t look like a rainbow
We be deep in SRT yeah, SUV Durango
b*tch I'm sippin' codeine
This ain't no champagne ho
[?] takin' oxy's, just to keep her sane though
She know these n*ggas not me
Everything I do, man
I swear these n*ggas just copy
Fell in love with money and codeine
sh*t became a hobby
When it's 'bout some money
All these n*ggas change the topic, ha
Ay, yo' ho, she gon' top me
Yo' ho, she gon' f*ck me 'cause you not me
Yo' ho, she gon' f*ck me 'cause you ain't got it
Yo' ho, she gon' f*ck me, she got mileage
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