Miley Cyrus

"Golden G String (Backyard Sessions)"

[Verse 1]
I was thinking about my life
And the questions made more questions
Staring out into the night
Yes, I've worn the Golden G String
Put my hand into hellfire
I did it all to make you love me
And to feel alive

Oh, that's just the world that we're living in
The old boys hold all the cards and they ain't playing gin
You dare to call me crazy, have you looked around this place?
I should walk away
Oh, I should walk away
But I think I'll stay

[Verse 2]
There are layers to this body
Primal sex and primal shame
They told me I should cover it
So I went the other way
I was trying to own my power
Still I'm trying to work it out
And at least it gives the paper something
They can write about
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