Old Habits Die Hard lyrics


Toad the Wet Sprocket

It’s a new day in the District
After four years off the rails
Want some checks and some balances
Not just the same old rich white males

We can put this all in order
Build a brand new house of cards
Pretty soon it may fall, ain’t it true, don’t they all?
But old habits die hard

I hope I’m aiming for the truth most times
That I’m ready to be wrong
But my mind was designed for a different world
And the tribal urge is strong

Every loss of privilege
Is a swift kick in the ‘nards
It’s been long overdue, I’ll admit that it’s true
But old habits die hard, old habits die hard

Save us from ourselves
Save us from each other
Save us from the sickness
That sees a threat
And not a sister or a brother

May this go down for the ages
As the lowest that we creep
May the children in their cages
See their mothers in their sleep

May we find some kind of justice
In the tatters and the shards
Every recompense is welcome
But old habits die hard, old habits die hard
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