YZ (Rap)


[Intro: Drake]
Whatever, I’m ready I’ll show out anybody
It was just a point where I was just like yo IDGAF, I’m ready to take on anything

[Verse 1: CHiMA]
I’mma get straight to the point
Story of my life, I’m getting played like a toy
I gotta get high and escape to enjoy
And I’m changing my ways so I don’t disappoint
A nigha done with the fake love (Fake love)
Tryna mess a nigha day up (Sun up)
But I’m finna keep my head up (Uh huh)
Look at this beat for instance (Yee), it’s short lived like all my friendships
I’m done simpin and wimpin over b*tch ass folk who don’t care bout me
I could go out and pimp and make a bag on me
I’m done doing this sh*t for folk to like me
Uh, nigha I quit because... this my life cuz they...

[Pre-Chorus: CHiMA]
Stabbed me in the back and I ain’t even know it (f*ck)
No more nice guy, yuh, I can’t show it (f*ck that)
Tried to piece it back together, but you always blow it (True)
I ain’t doing that friend sh*t, no more

[Chorus: CHiMA]
I ain’t got no friends (You ain’t true)
I ain’t got no friends, no (You ain’t true)
Yuh, I’m done with the bullsh*t (That is true)
Hope that bs done...
I ain’t got no friends
I ain’t got no friends, no
Yuh, I’m done with the bullsh*t
Hope that bs done...
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