YZ (Rap)


Ice on my wrists got me flauntin'
I’m surrounded, hunnid b*tches on the floor
Got me poppin' with them pills I don’t know
She’s been callin all my friends says she worried

[Verse 1:]
Yeah I’m crashing to gates like a rrari
Gettin Louis V’s hungry for the life
Sniffin cocaine with the Henny on the side
I might die overdosing like it’s nothing

[Verse 2:]
Where to?
What did I do?
I’ve been sippin codeine too
Am I in the way?

[Verse 3:]
I might just put the blame on you
I’m stuck in a maze
Im gonna cut all these feelings for you
I’m faded again

Tired of counting blessing
Cause I got none

[Verse 4:]
VVS on my wrists
Watch me switch off
Diamonds for my earrings
I might trip out

[Verse 5:]
Smoking while on pills
Got me stressed out
Rollin off again
Got my brain stuck

[Verse 6:]
Might just show my sins
I got two more weeks
Baby says don’t leave
I’ll be fine, who cares?

Always in her way
Fallin off from days
Gucci on her face
Forgot how you taste

Gucci on her face
Forgot how you taste

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