Tired lyrics



[Chorus: Nelly]
Stop your cryin' (oh)
You know that I'm tired of your lyin' (hey)
Do you know that you do this all the time, yeah
You always say you're sorry so
I cut you slack I take you back that's all I'm ever doin' with you

[Nelly] + (Avery Storm)
(Tired) Little mama I hope that you can't stand it
That I gotta leave
That I gotta go bye bye bye see that door I'm lookin at?
See I don't need to be lookin' down
I believe I'm the one
I believe till my day is done, for me it's someone yeah
(I'm so tired) Hey we go through it everyday
Said I'm so (tired) and I know it's going to be another sh*tty day
See I don't need to be livin' down
Likе it pays to be happy
Same song, comin' with a dance song
Nеver different always the same


[Nelly] + (Avery Storm)
(Tired) Cause' I got my back ass up in a truck
You don't got to worry about me
Comin' round' here callin' your ass to see what's up
Cause' I don't need you anymore
I'm so tired of your games
See I'm happy to be leavin'
But I'm glad to see I came
I'm takin' these keys to the door
And I'm comin' back to get every damn thing I own I own
You gotta move it in slow mo'
Think I'm comin' baby girl, no no no no
I'm so tired of your games
See I thought you wanted to be happy
You need a son you don't need a man
You just, you just..

[Chorus] - 2X

[Avery Storm]
I can't take no more, can't take no more
Can't take no more of this breakdown
It's all safe for me, better step down
Everything will be alright
Went for my day dream, then we turned into strangers
No reason for me to stay here
Nothing left remains here
[Chorus] - 2X

(And I'm taking my sh*t and leaving here)
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