Like Gold (Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre) lyrics


Vance Joy

So, since we were last in town
I released my new album, Nation of Two
Which is super exciting and... Loving playing these new songs and
We're playing a lot of new ones for you tonight
As well as some other songs from my first album
This one is a song, is a new one
Is about a relationship that's over
And even though it's over, you don't regret the excitement
And the overwhelming feelings and the fun
Experienced at the timе, it's a song called "Like Gold"

[Verse 1]
Time to lеt it go
It won't let go of me
Hanging by a thread
Cutting the cord and then falling back into the
Black 'cause if I don't
If I wait 'til it feels right
I'll be waiting my whole life
Closing my eyes, remember how we were like

Gold, when you see me
Hi, if you need me
Babe, that's the way it was
That's the history
Blue, how we used to roar
Like an open fire
That's the way it was
But that's history
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