Vance Joy

"Bonnie & Clyde (Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre)"

Alright, so we're gonna do one more in this set up
This is a song called "Bonnie & Clyde"

[Verse 1]
We came out of the cinema
We were rubbing our eyes
Our mouths were dry from the sugar and the popcorn
And we felt a little guilty
About spending that whole sunny day inside
The movie we were watching
About Bonnie and Clyde
They were driving down a backroad
They thought they were home free
The police knew they were coming
They were hiding in the trees
And they shot them down
One hundred and thirty rounds
They shot them down

So we might as well say
What's on our minds
'Cause there's no way to know
When it's your time to go
When it's your time to go
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