Vance Joy

"Saturday Sun (Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre)"

This is our last tune, so thank you so much
This is a song about meeting someone really wonderful
And hoping that when you get back to see them
The spark is still there
It's a song called "Saturday Sun"

Oh, Saturday Sun
I met someone
Out on the West Coast
I gotta get back, I can't let this go
Oh, Saturday Sun
I met someone
Don't care what it costs
No ray of sunlight's ever lost

[Verse 1]
So tired of sleepin' alone
So tired of eatin' alone
I need to ask her what's goin' on
Are we goin' strong?
She felt like resting her head
My shoulder was the perfеct height
We fit so right, so what's goin' on?
'Cause I'vе been undone
The long drive, the coastline
Lookin' out at first light
Am I still on her mind?
I've been undone
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