Mac Miller

"Days Before"

[Intro: Young Thug]

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
S-N-Double-O-P, I'm a dizz-og
sh*t, he was talking brazy, I ain't lie, I knocked the n*gga off
I ain't tryna give him a chance to kill me or take the stand on me
He know I just had 100,000 piece saran'd on me
I had to hand my [?]
I tried to take back all the watches, rings and the necklaces
She said I'm taking full advantage 'cause I'm never stressing
'Cause I had feelings for this girl that daddy homed as restless
Don't get me wrong 'cause it ain't nothing 'bout that money, n*gga
I meant to tell you, since a kid, I been getting my own figures
I was bringing in the racks and she was steady shopping
I'm talking big bills, all colors, n*gga, Monolopy
I ain't trippin', b*tch, I'm sharper than a damn machete
Super different, I even stood out on my own partners
Since a kid I been a dresser, Thousand Island
I was sh*tting my diamonds, green, p*ss a port-a-potty, woah, yeah

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
b*tch talk to me while I'm sleeping, yeah, yeah
Swimming in the linen like deep-end, yeah, yeah
All I never needed was a alibi, yeah, yeah
I don't need a motherf*cking reason, yeah
Out of mind, so I keep a pizzy
Everything 100, I don't ever leave a 50, yeah
Did my own half-time, if I was simple
What the f*ck you think I'm rich for?
Why you think I'm always talking sh*t, with my hand on my di*k?
In the crib, this b*tch turn into a strip show
It's what it is, though
Yeah, yeah, it's what it is, though
Yeah, whoa, leave me alone, take your ass home
If it ain't another million, I ain't picking up the phone
Phony motherf*ckers always sittin' on the throne
All I want's some pus*y, baby, give a dog a bone, yeah, yeah
I don't need a lot but I got a lot
I don't need a lot but I got a lot
Yeah, 200 for the whip in the parking lot
Everything cuttin', turn this sh*t into a barber shop
Swear I'm always shining, couldn't tell you if it's dark or not
Just a couple things I thought about, yeah, yeah

[Verse 3: Trippie Redd]
How the f*ck you ever try to play me?
I thought you was my love, man, I even called you baby
You played me, went from my mud to Slim Shady
Now demonic thoughts in my head, this sh*t crazy
Thanking God for everything I got, told him to save me
Do whatever for my OGs, n*gga, that's who raised me
You made me blind to reality, that sh*t fugazi
Yeah, I said that sh*t is so fugazi
Now I'm swervin' round in this Mercedes
Yeah, you can love me or you hate me
He just mad 'cause that pus*y n*gga ain't me
I'm gettin' money, I ain't gon' let that sh*t faze me

[Outro: Trippie Redd]
I'm good, bro, what's up?
No cap

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