Creeper Matters lyrics


Mark Ronson

[Part I]

Well, maybe in this one, you shouldn't start by saying
Player, I'm bombing your base now you're mad
I'm getting real tired of these wooden sword jabs
You mention the devs, it's getting real sad
I gotta go bad, I gotta go (Explosion)

Mob, mob, mob, mob
Drop into your house, blow you up when you spawn
Drop into your house, 64 diamonds gone
Hmm, I was really really tryna keep it peaceful
I was really really tryna keep it peaceful
If you had the guts you'd come and fight the creeper
But you passive type player, better leave us

You know who really scared now, I think it's just Stеve
We know who really scarеd now, player trust me
Don't even know who's scared you man, you disgust me
You know the village losing sleep on this, it ain't me
You better have a diamond sword or catch this TNT
You can't be rapping about the zombies, boy they can't read
I mean it's true, I asked the slime to help me maybe
Just like how bout to get slimed before it's day three
Out here begging for a creeper ban, b*tch please
You always acting like you the be one to slay me
But you just acting like a PV champ, it's make believe
Don't even think about pressing left click, boy you catchin' heat
You say you hate us blowing up but what you really mean?
I've been to tundra, jungle, everything that's in between
And you the wackest player tryna touch the creep team
And slaying pigs all day just to practice fighting me
On some zombie sh*t, I wanna know what Endy mean
Cause all the switching sides sh*t is not the play, chief
But why you never say that bullsh*t to my face, chief?
We could've left you all out of this, don't blame me
Yeah, you a b*tch and I know it cause you play Steve
The closest shot you had was when your song was ending
Y'all did me dirty all my life because you know I'm king
I heard you pirated the game the way you so free
Don't make the game free
Cause if you ever tryna ever tryna step to me
Then you better off pressing alt F4 delete
Aye, let my homies breathe, aye
Shake that sword b*tch, get dropped to your knees, aye
Get dropped to your knees, get dropped to your knees
You melt like snowflakes, you tryna play me
Yeah, yeah
We're not that kind of play, Im talking about our fight today
Yeah, Alex fighting all your battles she gon' die today
You thought you had me Steve, I think we need to keep it straight
These bombs is dropping on your base no matter what you say
I know you like to build them short, but that sh*t ends today
Knew it was smoke when drowned came out of the Everglade
Homie said (Drowned Noises), almost started hissing in a frame
Mob, mob, mob, mob
Drop into your house, blow you up when you spawn
Drop into your house, 64 diamonds gone
Hmm, I was really really tryna keep it-

[Part II]

Stop playing around take this sh*t serious
Players are a joke, I'll take this sh*t serious though
Yeah, look

This big bomb going tick tock player, "Realest player in the game"
Big myth brother, bow ain't getting no shots player
I can't listen to a b*tch talk mellow at best you is just a marshmellow
You can't even stay at home dog, know I'm creeping right around the block player
And you still mad about your mansion, have some manners maybe then it won't happen player
Yeah I get active in the night time, then I really let the bombs drop
And it's crazy when I drop a nuke upon players talking
About a glitch for our players don't know sh*t about the dev process
Really tryna act like they big dogs, but they small fries to a big bomb
And your house sitting on some land, bout to have some holes in it
Players gotta pay 10 dollars in the gift shop for a sh*t skin
Really getting scammed and they blame the team for it
Take a peek behind the curtain, maybe then you'll be the big big boss player
You are not scaring me at all player like-
Who's next on the list?
Which one of these so-called players, which one of these so-called players?
Which one of these so-called players need a boom from the glitch?
Always know that I can smoke y'all players
Gold cart, redstone rail, we'll vaporize this sh*t in no time
Gunpowder spilling everywhere, laughing at destruction, that's a war cry
C4 music getting played by people who just wanna go to old times
Crazy how you f*ck with C4, but you hate me b*tch, it's my side
Enderman, run your f*cking bread, need to show all these players a real mob
Let me find another fake ass mob, I can take the spot in no time
Stick and carrot all you wack mobs, trying to take you f*ckers on a horse ride
Anything to put the sunlight on the zombies and skeletons claiming they tough get incinerated in a short time
Zombie talking sh*t again
Ghast put you in a second hearse
Gotta do the math before you try again
I ain't even know you're here still
But they talking like a zombie fitting in
No one tryna see your kid again, let alone the one that birthed that little sh*t
When you was the new drop, they all said to take you to the vault again
Skelly mad about teh sh*t I'm saying got a bone to pick, catch the heat again
Ask Steve if it's a good idea, tryna to step up to this little boy again
Thinking that I'm not gon sock you in the face with a bomb, play the verse again
Spider sh*t made me sick to my stomach, we ain't ever f*cking been through it
In the game we was called lame, so I know Steve was an influence
This player had a plan and finally found a way to rope y'all into it
One single track dissing they ain't really sh*t, I'ma just skim through it
Me and spider had the players running out their bases, man we had them scared stupid
And the man only hitting hard when the player wanna lock eyes with it
Player calling me a glitched pig, and the sh*t kinda got a ring to it
Cause I'm real bugged that I gotta keep baking these poor players, but hey screw it
Murder scene on your base tonight, sh*t's looking darker than a netherite
Body after f*cking body and you know that Ender ain't gonna be the man tonight
I'm going to the village now, hope next time you players plan it right
Cause you gotta pay for playing my game
I hope now players understand a price like what
[Part III]

Zombie just opened his mouth, someone go feed him dead human right now
Where is your Alex at? Cause I need to speak to the man of the house
OG players do trades, right? Come grab all these emeralds I'm handing em' out
You wanna take up for the Enderman? Then come get his grass brick out my house
Playerbase is full of hoes, and they listen to lies that come out of your mouth
You chose to call up Mojang, and then beg them to ban me and take us all out
I ain't just a fresh slab of beef, the cow probably scary as you when I kill him for fun
We already know that you talk a lot, I'm ready to play, I'm out in the sun
I ain't like all these other mobs, I'll go in the rain and then make myself charged
They scared of what I'm 'bout to say, but acting like everything's cool and they won
Yeah tell me if I should be in, but f*ck it, it's over, I'm in and it's done
We already know it's a 30v1
We already know why you mad you a punk
It's clearly because of a bomb, the honorable thing is to tell me you goofed
You rightfully hate how I boom, you catching this hiss and it's over for you
You and Endy should go play in the field, two passive b*tches that sh*t would be cute
Unless you don't wanna be seen, with anyone who ain't aggressive with you
We get it, we got it
You using the mobs to help out with your proof
We get that you hate us deep down, it's the truth
We get that you ran out of angles to spoof
When you put your hands on an Enderman, is this self-defense cause he bigger than you?
Your back is up against the wall, you digging for dirt, should be digging for loot
Why did you mention my name? Is it cause I blew up your base a few times?
Added drowned in 2018, but don't wanna fight him, you're scared of the lightning
Giess that a battle ain't happening right? Cause we know the mobs that you actually like
Your darkest secrets are coming to light, it's all on your face, on your digital sprite
Oh sh*t, it's all making sense
Maybe you're wrong and I'm actually right
Enderman prayed that nobody would stare at him, so the players think he's actually nice
Microsoft added these features to change the game and give you all that quality life
And wait, you say I'm a glitch in the game
You thought I would go down without no fight
Oh sh*t, you beating me right, you got all the players that's backing you right
You load up the game but nothing has changed, you walk through the door and you see me outside
Walk through the door and you see me outside
Walk through the door and you see me outside
This dude has gotta be over by now
For players that's actually calling it right, ya dead
Ya dead, ya dead
There's nowhere to hide, there's nowhere to run
You know what I mean
You rally the players to fight against me
Just hiding the fact that I beat you for free
The picture you painted is not what it seem
Ya dead
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