Mark Ronson

" Mother May I (Live) " lyrics

[Spoken Intro]
Alright, so, we don't just, uh
We don't just put on clothes and come on out here and just do as we wish
Like, we ask permission, you know?
In prayer, and also go to my mother
And this is a song called "Mother May I"

Mother may I
Oh, mother may I
I wanna go outside tonight
Tell me it's alright
Mother may I

[Verse 1]
Mommy, just listen
Something in the wind keeps calling me
And I'm old enough now to answer
I want everything that's mine
Give it all to me
And I need your, your blessing
'Cause your baby was born to be out of control
It'll help me make it home safely
But I'm still not sure if I wanna live to be old
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