Vo Williams

"Through the Flames"

[Verse 1]
I feel the power
I can't explain it's something inside of me
Screaming the loudest
Over the pain and drowning the doubters out
Everything I see
That was a challenge, feels like a chance now
I was man down
Now I'm back from the dead and taking a stand now
Looking for my voice
I think I finally found it
Thundering outward
Crushing these mountains down to a powder
See I was a dreamer, but not a believer
And if I couldn't see it, then how could I lead you
I'm fighting myself in the ring too

I was praying for some guidance
Father help me 'cause I feel lost
Are you doing or you dying?
That's the measurement of real heart
Pressure turns us into diamonds
Gold never made the steel sharp
Imma ride it 'till the wheels off
I'm going
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