Alice Cooper

"Brutal Planet [Brutally Live]"

We're spinning round on this ball of hate
There's no parole, there's no great escape
We're sentenced here until the end of days
And then my brother there's a price to pay

We're only human, we were born to die
Without the benefit of reason why
We live for pleasure - to be satisfied
And now it's over there's no place to hide

Why don't you, come down to
It's such a brutal planet
It's such an ugly world
Why won't you, come down to

This world is such perfection (What a sight)
It's just like paradise (For my eyes)
A truly grand creation (What a sight)
From up here it looks so nice (For my eyes)

It's such a brutal planet
It's such a living hell
It was a holy garden
That's right where Adam fell
It's where the bite was taken
It's where we chose to sin
It's where we first were naked
This is where our death begins
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