Alice Cooper

"I’m Eighteen [Brutally Live]"

[Verse 1]
Lines form on my face and hands
Lines form from the ups and downs
I'm in the middle without any plans
I'm a boy and I'm a man

[Chorus 1]
I'm eighteen, and I don't know what I want
Eighteen, I just don't know what I want
Eighteen, I gotta get away
I gotta get out of this place, I'll go runnin in outer space, oh yeah

[Verse 2]
I got a baby's brain and an old man's heart
Took eighteen years to get this far
Don't always know what I'm talkin' about
Feels like I'm livin' in the middle of doubt

[Chorus 2]
'Cause I'm eighteen
I get confused everyday
Eighteen, I just don't know what to say
Eighteen, I gotta get away

Lines form on my face and my hands
Lines form on the left and right
I'm in the middle, the middle of life
I'm a boy and I'm a man

I'm eighteen and I like it
Yes I like it, oh I like it, love it, like it, love it
Eighteen, Eighteen!
Eighteen, eighteen and I like it

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