Alice Cooper

"Take It Like A Woman [Brutally Live]"

I bet ya never thought
That it would turn out like this
Mama's little girl
Daddy's little princess

But somewhere in your fairy tale
Everything went wrong
Now the sun don't shine
The words don't ryhme
You're out of time

You've been beaten down
Kicked around, On the ground
But you took it like a woman
Victimized, terrorized, paralyzed
But you took it like a woman
Pushed too far pulled too hard
Deeply scared
I know you must have felt the pain
But you took it like a woman

Ya thought you'd your Mr. Right
But he was really Mr. Hyde
Ya gave him your most precious gift
You were his bleeding bride
He tied you up pulled your hair
He slapped your innocent face
Yet, you were black and blue
He laughed at you
So what'd you do?
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