Miss America (Acoustic) lyrics



[Verse 1]
Miss America's wearing thin, she's all tiaras and glamour
Can't stop the boss from keeping his hands off, it's all snakes, no ladders
Miss America says live the dream, so long as you're born white
Kill the natives and jail the slaves, move more to the right

May God bless you and your golden sons
May God bless you and your love of guns
May God bless you and your passion for freedom
Sold to the man with the tan

Looks so good in the photograph, just smile
Not so good when the lights go down, heels about to break
"She's not straight," her boss cries

[Verse 2]
Miss America's rescue plan, rocket ships to Mars
Fouled the nest, so we'll start again with billionairŠµs and film stars
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