"Hit Dogs Holla"

[Intro: T.I.]
88 Gang
Yeah, yeah, yeah
You know what the f*ck goin' on, n*gga (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
King in this b*tch (Yeah)
Accept no substitution (Hol' up)
Ayy, YB help hype him up, bro (King, b*tch!)

[Chorus: T.I.]
I ain't never did sh*t small, all a n*gga know is big ball (Uh, uh)
f*ck a n*gga, get p*ssed off, now I holla like a hit dog (Yeah, yeah)
Ain't nobody did it like this, don't nobody do it like King (Yeah, yeah)
The biggest my city done seen, anything else obscene (Shh, ahhh)

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Boy you know a K.I.N.G, you a peon next to me
It'll be over 'fore you see, then he on the same thing I be on
Crankshaft body with your name up in neon, I'm turnt way beyond
Bentley full of b*tches off of pints they lean on
Never thrown on the realy, boy you better chilly
'Fore I hit you in your left eye, I put that on Tionne (Phew!)
All I done is all I know
Represent dope boys, kicked down doors
Most of y'all n*ggas wouldn't have a chance right now
If Rubber Band Man ain’t dominate in ‘04
Let me sell my blow and evade po-po
Now I'm doing big business, cash, no mortgage
Buy a big building, had foreclosures
Mo' money, mo' problems, boy you ass sure told it (Sheesh)
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