"Put Some on It"

Sheesh, since I been gone, n*ggas all in my track
Gotta give me that back, yeah
Thinkin' I'm gon' take an L
Give it to me, I'll be givin' that back, yeah, yeah
Approach me aggressive
I bet ya times ten you be giving that back, hmm, hmm
Back like I left something, bih
Say my name, put some respect on that sh*t

[Verse 1]
Don't you misconstrue me 'cause I'm shootin' movies
Drop an album when I get the time to do it
Legendary and I'm still young
Still gettin' eight-figure deals done
Okay, yeah, I see you droppin' lil' songs
Bought some new chains and you feel strong
But the fact remain, lil' homie
Keep puttin' on, I'ma do you real wrong
Get your sh*t together, n*gga, you know better
You a lightweight and I'm a sumo wrestler
n*gga cross that line, n*gga, who gon' get ya?
And I ain't even gotta be in the room with ya
I been doin' this sh*t 'fore True Religion

Stackin' that money my new religion
Wait a minute, this year, you ain't in tune, is ya?
n*gga still ain't barkin' at the moon, is ya?
I'm still on the hill in my Lear out in Hampton
No disrespect tolerated, we relax that
Multimillionaire, let 'em grade, never pass that
Get it out the mud, know your worth, then your ass attack
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