Curtis Mayfield

"On Our Way to the Movies"

Feels so good
Feels so good

Love the way you love me
Love the way you need me, baby
You don't know how much I love ya
Baby always thinkin' of ya

We were on our way to the movies
We took a wrong turn and end up doin' it
He claimin' it, He was spankin' it
He was freakin' it, He was bangin' it
We were on our way to the movies
We took a wrong turn, he knew what he was doin'
I was lovin it, I was kissin' it
I was wantin' it, I was needin' it

[Verse 1 - Cheryl The Pearl]
My baby called and said "Cheryl, What's Up?
Wanna go to the movies and have a drink at the club?
It's a nice night out, I'm coming to pick you up
I wanna look my best and you can trust
This thing between us is burnin hot."
He got the kind of fire that just won't stop
So we ended up somewhere we didn't belong
Things got real heated and you know it was on
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