Yung Mal

"Cold Turkey"

Gudda Tay on every beat n*gga

These n*ggas ain real as you think
They wanna go big but they can't
Cashin’ out I'm breakin' the bank
Ice on my neck that’s a cuban link
Fifties of fifties they pink, (yeah)
One shot to the kidney he stink
Ball on they ass I feel like Dominique
Watch two tone thats Sunny D
Whole lotta gunnas they gunning for me
They air sh*t out for a light fee
Three hundred check like nike
Cash longway like Peewee
n*gga from Chicago foe nem BD
f*ck what they say keep fettuccine
Pull up in the hood, give back to the needy, (ugh)
My brother he murdering, he bleeding
Bring out them dogs yeah I get to breeding
Got a crip [?]
Got a young n*gga ride with me , don't talk kill for no
Like I kill a beat, I live and I breath it
Somebody pray for that boy he need preaching
I got yo b*tch at the spot, we squeezing
She got di*k in her mouth like she teething
(Hold up) (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Got more funnel cake than a fair
One me two them nah I f*ck by the pair
Diamonds blinking
I been drinking
Brand new Benz, used to pull up in Lincoln
Bet she f*ck some, had the b*tch go to winking
Kids of the 6 got hot sh*t steaming
n*ggas hold nuts and they hate I done seen it
Came out the dirt, I made em believe it
Diamonds go hit of my shirt, this sh*t here water
Just like Fiji
Double park don't pay for no meter
Bad lil b*tch from L.A. nice and lean
Don't leave it to me, I'ma leave it to [?]
Opps pull up then we gotta retreat
Came from the bottom yeah way underneath
Not LV underneath my feet
Real OG's go vouch for me
In love with this cash got too much broccoli
Talk to my momma, she proud of me
They take they hat off, they bow for me
Pull up I stop they watching me, (ugh)
I heard the feds had a drop on me
I got a sack and bought property just like monopoly
These n*ggas watching they copying me
I'm talking bout cash, stop calling me, (yeah)
Sauce to the walk, now it's all on me
My day one dawgs with me
The hood they all with me
Yeah we go ball ho
(Hold up) (woah woah woah)
b*tch get low, hold up get low some more
I get her throat and I go
I spent some racks on a coat, (b*tch)
Won’t stop go hard, they know I’ma go, (ugh)
So many chains they choke, (ugh)
So many hundreds they Loc
Stuck with my brothers like Larry and Moe
Can't walk in the spot got the pad on the door
f*ck this b*tch once I felt bad for the ho
b*tch do ya thing I ain mad at you ho
Came out the dirt, what they mad at me for
(ugh) Damn lil shawty I don’t know
I guess they mad they broke
(ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)

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