Yung Mal

"Batman & Robin"

Big bro got a choppa
Put that b*tch right to your collar
She suckin' d*ck baby swallow
Junkies put sh*t up they nostrils
You wanna bag come and cop it
My n*gga like Batman & Robin
This Xanax here got my heart throbbin'
Smokin' on gas got me nauseous
Wassup with these logiks
I heard that Lil' ManMan the topic
Pull up and we like to pop sh*t
Send some shots right through ya c*ckpit
F*ck n*gga know he ain't bout sh*t
My KB know they like to rock sh*t
Run up and watch how I drop sh*t
Bounce out with nothing but mop sticks (yeh)

Mop sticks, hundred rounds come out these chopsticks
I'm on them perks and narcotics
Please don't trip I'll catch me a body
Forty inside it, these skinnys can't hide it
I bust down the check with the gang, divide it
My brother in the chain gang they got him ridin’
I seen a lot of sh*t but I can't talk about it
I was down now I'm up, surprising
My diamonds retarded this kid karate
p*ssy Porta Potty, run up that sack and bless everybody
Lil' ManMan with me he good with that choppa
All these blue hundreds my partner
Seen n*ggas fold yeah I done lost potnas
So many racks you think that I hit the lotto
They told me go get 'em, I got 'em
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