"IV. The Chaser...(MCMXCI)"


Girl, you should know that
My mind’s been stuck on you
Believe me, I’ve tried and no one else will do

(Verse I.)

She’s got more electric feel than a taser
Elle Bishop, MGMT, a breaker
Though it ain’t a race, I’d still chase her
So tell Todd and Riley they can’t replace her

Scent as in apple pie, I could taste her
No, I won’t sugar coat what I’m saying
I wanna beat the bush, I’ll put it to you plain

I see us in the bed, and we bobbing heads
I’m Keith Sweatin’, you leaking wet
And we might need a towel
I guess you can say we’ll be awhile
If that’s what it takes to see you smile

Look, I know I’m crass
But I’ve got class
You got Jimmy Neutron
That brain blast
But like Peggy Brandt said in The Mask
I'm a gentleman, so I'd finish last

I'd be up all night
Buried face deep in the apple pie
Forbidden Fruit's sweeter, so I cannot lie
I'd do anything for those "Caramel Eyes"

I come off innocent, but I ain't that type
Don't communicate it, "cause I'd get tongue-tied
Normally hide my feelings so at least I'll try
To tell you everything running through my mind 'cause


Girl, you should know that
My mind’s been stuck on you
Believe me, I’ve tried and no one else will do

(Verse II.)

How about some "Poetic Justice", poetic justice?
If a blind man lit a fire up in a dark room
Would you snuff it?
I mean, run with me on this
Keep up with my pace
And by that I mean the lyrics (Hehe)

The blind guy is just me
But I feel you need to hear this
Need to see this
Your name's on my heart
I tried to sleeve it

It's written in Braille, hope you could read in
Between my lines and the hieroglyphics
Run with me on this:

They say that love's hard to find
Let's make love for lost time
So, place your hand into mine

It never changes... First the stimulant. Then the Chaser...

*VII. A Nice To Visit...(Skit)*

Bennet: Hollow him out...

The Kid: Wh-where am I? Am I in hell? What is this place?!

Bennet: Take everything

The Kid: Wait, where am I?!

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