Jagged Edge

"Promise (Speakeasy Extended Remix)"

[Intro: Man, Woman, DJ]
- Woo, tired
- Yeah, me too; turn on the radio
- No, you turn it on
- Oh, I'm supposed to drive and be the DJ
- Yes
- Alright
- No, wait, wait, wait, that's...
- Nah
- No, wait, no, wait, stop, stop, that's my song
- What is that?
- It's that Jagged Edge remix I was telling you about
You know, I heard it at the club the other day, it was jammin'

It's 3:55 A.M.. on the WSPEZ
We're halfway through the nightly double dose
And that was Speakeasy's remix of "Let's Get Married"
We're gonna sign off tonight with their newest mix where you hear it first
This is Jagged Edge's "Promise"

[Chorus: All]
Nothing is promised to me and you
So why will we let this thing go?
Baby, I promise that I'll stay true
Don't let nobody say it ain't so
And, baby, I promise
That I will never leave
And everything will be alright
I, I promise these things to you
Girl, just believe
I promise
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