Busy Signal

"Youth Dem Free"


Cause what they want
Is to see the ghetto youths dem waste away their life
But that's not right
See the bigger heads a feed the youths dem guns and knives
But what we see
Is the little ghetto youths dem living in unity
Is the life we lead, youths teardrop free

Verse 1:
Caa the youths dem want upliftment, education
For what reason?
Fi build up di nation
Nuh want fi see no more lock up inna station
Teach knowledge to the young generation
Asian, Japanese or Jamaican
Black people I seh more elevation
Cause mi no want no more ism and skism
Cut out racism and discrimination


Verse 2:
You know what
Dem a youth ya seh consciousness
Stay focused youths
No more unjustice
Politicians have di people dem under nuff stress
Full time now fi peace
Di war we must rest
Picture police without bulletproof vest
Youths a walk di street clean and nuh shoeless
All di thugs
To weapons dem clueless
Bare love and all di best, bless


Verse 3:
We want peace and harmony
Get we palm grease cause we waah money
Basically, this one is strictly for the ghetto youths
Live up, don’t give up
Wise up, rise up!
Yo flava unit, wah dem a deal with?



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