Rick Ross



I be hoppin' on that money, I be hoppin' on your b*tch
She be hoppin' out them clothes just to hop up on this di*k
I be hoppin' out that plane just to hop up in that whip
I gets it poppin' every time
My n*gga hop up on my di*k
Roll one, pop a pill and pour it up
Roll one, pop a pill and pour it up
Roll one, pop a pill and pour it up
Roll one, pop a pill and pour it up
I got goons on my left, I got G's all in my right
Got drink all in my cup. Got your b*tch all in my sight

[Verse 1:]

We be mobbin' like a mother f*cker don't we
f*ck n*gga actin' way too familiar, he don't know me
Pour the stuff and get the pills, style on n*ggas for the thrill
Try and infiltrate, long ass nozzle in your grill
All my real n*ggas feel me though. b*tch can you hear me, huh?
Unloyal n*ggas start to wear you down. The wear and tear is crucial
n*ggas claim they love you boy, ain't none them n*ggas truthful
Sometimes it's better to be neutral
I got tatts all over my skin, got your b*tch all on in my lap boy
I'm back on my sh*t, coke boy what's happenin'


[Verse 2:]

New coupe on Rodeo Drive
Tryna and find me a bad b*tch that don't tell lies
But the chance of that, that's slim to none
f*ck it I'm smokin', already on my second lung
Gettin' money, countin' ends. Different flavors, I be hoppin' in
Still throwin' my gang up, them f*ck n*ggas gon' hang up
They peep up how I came up posted with the same cup
But n*ggas they don't love you no more, no more, no more...when you getting money and you stay on the road, the road, the road


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