Rick Ross

"Respect the Code"

My Guy Mars

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Hey, they say ignorance is bliss, huh?
I guess n*ggas is so blissful
Do anything for dollars, the thought of havin' a fistful
Make ‘em switch sides when it lookin' grim and dismal
A coward dies a thousand deaths, no pistol
See f*ck n*gga do f*ck sh*t ‘cause they got f*cked up intentions to
n*gga got no principle, better watch who you listen to
I see it in your eyes, you weak, the lies you speak
And sh*t you do right now, where I'm from, you die in the streets
‘Cause, boy, that ho sh*t
I'm in the game, I ain't worried what the coach said
And, boy, you lame, better watch how you approach that
All in your feelings, showin' all of your emotions
I'ma be a chill nig' about that ho sh*t

[Verse 2: T.I.]
All the drama, I love it, get an еrection for it
Like go to Vegas, fight policе, not get arrested for it
The smoke, I'm runnin' to it, trouble with [?] it
And, hell, they blow it in your direction, you better be ready for it
Right, you're humble, arrogant, oxymoron, anomaly
Egotistical activist, master solution strategist
Full-time family man, part-time politic
Trap n*gga, fashion icon, I'm all of it
Don't crucify the messenger
‘Cause the message real, you need to hear it
Absorb and let it sizzle in your spirit
To all these n*ggas goin' out sad, actin' all weird
You embarrassin' yourself, lookie here, n*gga
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