Def R lyrics


Rick Ross

Rowstrap even though left less
Ceremony failed either though DefJam
Making me warned wish me dem salem
Roasted on boy making love berzine
Rhythm makes me dope fasting lone down wet
Risking the mandible whisky my dope brand
And drowning vibe with these

Vibe with these

Your torment never stop watching me suck your self
Me the blend for any races
In the whole sand
The man which neither have owned the game prospocaholic rhythm god

In term Val is von ido mat man

Who's the Gerald is G
On flexing capitol bone silit dog so bark on dog tor me in dope west on dept
Hailey for double U in deck throat cutting depth in def we pray
The lack me boy sh*t in them win the notes
Risk my doubts
Bout you the mess
Finally i could compares your boy to my di*k damn so wet lit be warning inside yourself
You paying the witchcraft for dept
On death list b*tch
War to my ex so bled in wept in t-rex
Road on black so dept on deck
On deck timex my own rap
On the wack on lap
With that the bad so sad
On that less beg on met drown
That hymn that diss that find that wasted
And dope wine that on that so thats

I mean like woah
Sippin the tea i mean like woah
Making the sh*t i've been like woah
Tipsy dipsy i mean like woah
Yin on yang sh*t i mean like woah
sh*t on me
b*tches waiting my game on my rhapsody
Flex the fake sh*t lamb i got honey
Making my boo the western f*ck sadly


I told my sister to live again
It seems her best friend knows better about The Jam
My friend the best boy beast Logic known all the game
The Anselm Salomon von Rothschild is on the game
You DJ wasted woah I'm not bad but I'm the man
Tell me who she now lacking mind in the wish for the go my own term
I f*cking lone but my decision torn on them
The wish been end
And now i have my sister smile butt she is she
And betty only mind on me thats satisfactory think on me now
I'm the wrist for your man before you broke in term
And now on game
You in my game
Or I'm the man
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