"Lost His Life*"

Lyrics from snippet

[Chorus: ZillaKami]
[?] they ass get rushed (Okay!)
These b*tches wanna talk until they ass get f*cked (Okay!)
That n*gga crossed the function, tell that boy hit 'em up (Wassup!)
AK's in the trunk [?] (Wassup!)
That n*gga lost his life to a knife, alright
n*gga lost his life to a pipe, alright
n*gga wanna talk but won't fight, alright

[Verse 1: SosMula]
[?] the caine
[?] do my thang
f*ck rap, move the 'caine, you a lame
You ain't gang
pus*y n*gga, you a stain
I'ma blow your head off
Show the inside of your brain [?]

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