"Cobra Kai"

[Intro: ?]
You know there's no way to really make it happen
You know, you just gotta be ready

[Verse 1: SOS LO]
Karate Kid, how I chop sh*t down
See what you 'bout, Zilla take 'em to the dog pound
Five rounds, just like a cage match
Joe Exotic hit, harder than the last batch
No balls, table scratch, tell me where your bullets at?
Burning hot, Kodiak, cold Winter, Kodiak
Make it hot, in the sixties, just like the Zodiac
Free Act, your b*tch just left with a knee scratch
Krispy Kreme, how that b*tch stay hot and ready
Asked if I could bring the team, well, yeah she let me
You could pick the style, trap to boom-bap
LO on the beat, and you know I turn it to rap
I was down bad, starting out, where was you at?
Now you see me 'round, tell me why you asking for a dap?
Hats off to your fake flex, all cap
Keep hating from the bottom, boy say that

[Bridge: SOS LO]
I don't like when they talking they ain't saying words
And I hear the sneak disses, so absurd
Can't confirm, funny coming from him
Just cause I pulled his mortgage, out the ATM
Pull up, air it out, no fog
Got something for you, say hello to the wardog
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