No More (Dupe) lyrics


Rico Nasty

Yeah, Pretty flacko b*tch
Rico Nasty, G4 Boyz n*gga
G5 Gang n*gga

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
Skip the line I don't do the list no more
She be lying reason I don't kiss no more
VV Diamonds talkin with a lisp, oh lord
Another hit n*gga I don't miss no more
I'm on the go, I told her glow, that's 20 shows
Up in the row, I'm on a row
I be gone till November like when it's cold
Look at my neck that sh*t a blizzard like when it snows
I'm Flacko frozen on you n*ggas [?]
f*ck these b*tches I never switched up
[?] up, incase you cliqued up
What the f*ck

[Verse 2: G4 Boyz]
I be doing wise no drops no more
Everything hittin no swipes no more
Hopping on jets taking chicks on tour
The neck [?] and the wrist no [?]

[Refrain: A$AP Rocky]
Woah (woah)
Woah (woah)
Woah (woah)
Woah (woah)
Woah (woah)
Woah (woah)
Woah (woah)
[Verse 3: G4 Boyz]
Trap, this a opp in his place
Got the Glock on my waist, put the Glock to his face
I can lock up the case, ooh
This another [?], not a boxer
You is not gang, you a mothafukin' copper
Ooh my god, I got lots of guap
Scamming on the low make a check pop
Ooh she pop, Maserati drop, make her panties drop
Patek, my watch
All these yellow diamonds I don't p*ss no more
If she let me f*ck she not your chick no more
Started scamming I don't sell bricks no more
All these bottles coming man it's lit, oh lord

[Verse 4: Rico Nasty]
Everyone on me can't take a p*ss no more
I got me some money no more sleepin' on the floor
I call her my b*tch cause she get down on all fours
Who that at the window got a lock it [?]
I'm on yo ass like a shark, I chase the bag like pirate
I'm at your head like a dart, you don't want none be quiet
Big bands can't fit in my wallet, so many shoes can't fit in my closet
So many boo's don't know who to call back
New money, new city tell me where the mall at
Blue hunnids pick 50s cotton candy you want it
Come get it like candy n*ggas be lying on dandy
I love you Ms [?], I love me too I'm beautiful
Wearing expensive gear as usual [?] like a hula hoop
Turn around b*tch let me see what the booty do
Hit the club they ain't showing tits no more
[?] they don't even strip no more
I'm being lazy I don't even tip no more
[?] so she don't trip no more
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