Unfaithful (TRUmix) lyrics



Young boss

[Verse 1]
Story of my life, b*tches out at night
Searching for the right one
Sorrow in my soul, cuz it seems like wrong
Really loves my company
That b*tch wanna f*ck me hard, and she going down hard
She wanna be with JackG
And I feel that b*tch, she got an itch
And she say f*ck me

[Pre Chorus 1]
And I know that she loves JackG
Cuz I is the hottest
You know that that boy gonna f*ck her in there soon
And it's major love

[Chorus 1]
I don't wanna be the boy she hates
But she just wants to date me now
I said I'll (?), oh no
I just wanna hold her ass down
I just wanna play around with you
In Bora-Bora, that's so true
Cuz you know my money great
[Verse 2]
Rolls Royces out here in this b*tch
Got f*ckin Rolls Royce in this b*tch
I feel it in the air, b*tches doin hair
They lookin at me hard
I kissed that b*tch, then I pull her hair
Then she said sit on the chair
And I say f*ck you wanna do, she say I wanna f*ck you
She say I'm gon f*ck you hard
And I say b*tch what your name, is your name true?

[Pre Chorus 2]
She say my name is so true
And then I go uh, in this b*tch, I'm about to c*m now
That b*tch makin me a baby JackG now
And I say I'm gon comply

[Chorus 2]
Baby you wanna go by for me
You wanna f*ck another girl for me
It's like in Holly-True 2, f*ck Emma Brooks too
I'm like baby girl, true (true)
She wanna f*ck a hot boy tonight
I is the hottest boy alive, I be the hottest boy alive
I don't wanna be, no
And I'm gonna f*ck until f*ck, you can't f*ck
I got celebrity friends in this b*tch
Shoutout (?)
I am the hot boy, I am a hot boy
All they wanna do is f*ck with a young hot boy
Rich boy, Rolls Royce boy, I'm the f*cking hottest boy
Truest boy, biggest boy, I know you see me boy
Versace all on my rings, finger gonna f*ck that b*tch with Versace rings
She feel Versace rings inside her, she finna cry here
She's finna die here
Boys, boys wanna be JackG
And I'm sayin motherf*cker you could never be
You could never be, you could never be the biggest boss (?)
You never be me, never be JackG

Never never be JackG
Trappin off my iPhone 6S Plus, wish you'd never be me
Sold cocaine to that pus*y, and then then I ate the pus*y
Then I ate the pus*y, then I ate the pus*y b*tch!
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