"Codeine Lemonade*"

Lyrics from Snippet

Run that back, Turbo

Hop out the McLaren (Skrt)
Got so fresh, oh so clean (clean)
And my b*tch Issa lean (Issa lean)
And it feels sippin' lean (Lean)
This ain't no for sign (No)
I count cash, color green (Green)
Got that clean on the cream
Like a Holly got that rings (I got rings)
You give me my heart
I got scars on my veins (Scars)
You can't feel my pain (Nah)
These rackets keep me safe (Mh)
You look out what countrys, sippin' codeine lemonade
Liquor racing through the [?] up
[?] bros what they expect (-Pect)
I came from the block
I get M's on my name (On my name)
My watch hit my [?]
Hi, dear, it's insane (Insane)
Shawty, give me that top (Top)
The top of the Range

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